Every single print has the claim to make an article a bestseller, a favourite piece.

Strongly driven by a passion for colours and patterns, Sarah Sander Print Design Studio creates hand-drawn, detailed print collections in carefully selected colour harmonies, taking into account the latest international fashion trends.


Complex trend-oriented, well thought-out design concepts are used to create exciting and innovative print arrangements. 


The variety of the prints lives not only from the different motives and design concepts, but above all by the use of different materials.


Watercolour drawings, illustrations with fineliner, copics or acrylic paint as well as digital drawings are used and brought into exciting compositions.


The  individual detailed artworks are production ready files and specified tailored to your company's needs



Floral and botanical drawings are the trademark of Sarah Sander Print Design Studio and come from the enthusiasm and fascination of the colourful and pattern-rich flora and fauna. Historical botanical study drawings, visits to gardens, flower exhibitions and tropical greenhouses are the main sources of inspiration.

work process


Sarah Sander Print Design Studio is particularly strong in the women and kids fashion  segment. The floral and colour-intensive prints are ideal for swimwear and a summer lifestyle look.

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