Sarah Sander Design studio supports companies to realize collection

 ideas digitally in order to work goal-oriented, successful and sustainable.

Combining 3D-Fashion Design and Print Design makes it possible to realize 

digital, virtual and realistic design ideas and to develop collection concepts. 

The advantage is that less imagination is needed. With the help of 

the digital real conversion the design and the economic efficiency can be checked 

at an early stage. It is possible to intervene early, directly in the design process.

This enables more sustainable and goal-oriented work. 

Costs, time and energy resources are saved. 



Sarah Sander design studio creates individual design concepts for companies.

We attach great importance to develop successful concepts, which have a high design standard 

and include current trends in adaptation to customer-specific requirements. 

These concepts are specially designed for the desired target group.

Moodboards visualize first design ideas and color concepts.




In particular, a detailed catwalk analysis and regular visits to trade fairs and trend lectures, as well as trend trips to international, inspiring places are important components in order to be able to respond optimally to the needs of the market and the behaviour of consumers and to develop a keen sense of trends.